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Orz the Great City

  • Entrance to the Great City from the Slums requires a “pass”, granted by the city watch or a noble’s mark
  • The Sea Gate: entrance to the great city from the Sunken City




-area outside of the city, nestled up against the decaying outer wall and facing the Sunken City and the Great Jungle

  • The Fish Square: social center of the Slums

    • The Fish fountain-used as the source of water for the poor

      • statue—broken statue of a giant fish
    • The Baba—elderly leader of the community
    • The God House—decaying temple to the gods of Light; shared by a number of priests
  • The Penny Market

    • The Apothecary
    • Black smith
    • The tanner
  • The Boneyard: graveyard for the slums; former graveyard in Sunken City so is a mixed of shallow paupers graves and old crypts

Main Page

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