DCCJ: Into the Great Jungle!

Exploring the Jungle
(Year 1, Day 1-7)

Fuzzmin and his allies leave Orz, the Sunken City, and journey into the Great Jungle. They soon come upon a giant lizard and a battle ensues. Fuzzmin tries to call upon his patron, the Goblin King, but he is driven slightly mad when the King peers into his mind! (-1 Personality) After slaying the beast, Fuzzmin skins it, hoping to sell it back in the market. 

Continuing on, the party finds a cockatrice nest. They attack the creature and ultimately overcome it, though Fuzzmin is turned to stone by its bite! Lorm beseeches his goddess for divine aid, and a miracle occurs. A light from the heavens shines down on Fuzzmin and restores him to flesh! The party raids the creature's nest, finding three eggs. They are shocked to find that two of the eggs have strange arcane sigils on them. Fuzzmin and Zuviva work together to decipher them and find that they are words of power. The party has discovered two new spells: Spider Climb and Charm Person.

Returning to the Sunken City, the adventurers sell their loot: the lizard skins, cockatrice feathers and one cockatrice egg. Fuzzmin and Zuviva spend a week studying their new spells. In doing so, each seeks out the aid of a powerful sorcerer. Fuzzmin meets Phandon the Baleful, the Shadowless Sorcerer while Zuviva studies with Oryx the Black Warlock. They learn a great many things, growing in arcane power. Lorm spends his time at the Temple of Justicia and grows wise in the ways of his goddess.


Loot: lizard skin (18 sp), cockatrice feathers (12 gp), cockatrice egg (50 gp), spell-Spider Climb, spell-Charm Person

-When the LM got turn to stone by the cockatrice, I was sweating it. But luckily the cleric rolled a Nat 20 on his divine aid roll. And now I have a hook-Justicia expects to be repaid!

-I had forgotten how fast level 1 goes by; two combats and a couple of carousing rolls and poof we are second level.

-both encounters were from the B/X Moldvay random monster encounters-jungle table; I rolled for treasure on the appropriate table for cockatrice and came up with 2 scrolls and a potion. 

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