DCCJ: Into the Great Jungle!

Exploring the Jungle (Year 1, Day 8)


Fuzzmin and company are visited by the Apothecary, who requests that they bring him any strange creatures that they find out in the jungle. In addition, they are visited by the Baba, an elderly woman who speaks for the slums. She says someone's been disturbing the graves in the boneyard, and asks that Fuzzmin investigate.

Fuzzmin and his friends, including Lady Awesome the bandit, head back out into the jungle. Following the game trails, they encounter an aggressive spitting cobra, which Zaviva blasts with fire, leaving a smoking skeleton. Deeper in, they are attacked by an angry giant lizard, which they overcome. Lucky day! The group makes a litter and drags the great beast back to the slums. 

The Apothecary buys the skeleton of the cobra and the organs of the lizard (+10 gp). The group is able to sell the meat to a butcher in the Penny Market (20 sp) and the skin to a local tanner (20 sp).

Experience Points: cobra + 2, giant lizard + 2



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